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Welding robots are industrial robots that perform welding (including cutting and spraying). According to the definition of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) industrial robot is a standard welding robot, an industrial robot is a multi-purpose, reprogrammable automatic control manipulator (Manipulator), with three or more programmable axes, used for field of industrial automation. 

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Product Details

Articulated robots, also known as articulated arm robots or articulated robotic arms, are one of the most common forms of industrial robots in today's industrial fields, and are suitable for mechanical automation in many industrial fields.
The six-axis robot has a high degree of freedom and is suitable for work with almost any trajectory or angle;
Can be freely programmed to complete fully automated work;
Improve production efficiency, controllable error rate;
Replacing many complex jobs that are not suitable for human beings and are harmful to physical health.


Important parameters of the robot________________


Scope of application Assembly, spraying, loading and unloading
Installation method Floor type/Stand type
freedom of movement 6
maximum load 6Kg
Maximum working radius 710mm
Repeatability ±0.05mm
Maximum range of motion of each joint J1 ±170°
J2 +135°,-100°
J3 +5°,-120°
J4 ±150°
J5 ±120°
J6 ±360°
Maximum speed of each joint movement J1 150/S
J2 112.5/S
J3 150°/S
J4 204.5/S
J5 225/S
J6 360/S
Protection class IP65
I/O configuration Standard 16 in/16 out 24VDC
total body weight 60Kg
battery capacity 6.0KVA


Working range and installation dimensions_________________




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