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XK6140 CNC horizontal milling machine

Category: Milling machine

Welding robots are industrial robots that perform welding (including cutting and spraying). According to the definition of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) industrial robot is a standard welding robot, an industrial robot is a multi-purpose, reprogrammable automatic control manipulator (Manipulator), with three or more programmable axes, used for field of industrial automation. 

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Product Details

This product has reliable structure,stable quality,easy operation and a perfect lubrication system.And also has high power spindle motor,wide variable range,give full play to the effectiveness of cutting tools,high-speed cutting and can withstand heavy cutting work.It is suitable for all types of machining,using a variety of rod-shaped cutter,circular cutter,angle cutter to milling plane,bevel,groove and gear.After configuring a round table or some other milling accessories can further expand use of machine tools.


Main Specifications and Parameters


Model XK6132 XK6140
Item Metric Metric
Table size(WxL) 320*1325mm 320*1700mm 400*1700mm 400*2100mm
Table feed(longitudinal)  780mm 980mm 900mm 1200mm
Table feed(cross)  300mm 300mm 315mm 315mm
Table(vertical)  350mm 350mm 385mm 385mm
T-slot(No./width/pitch) 3/18/70 mm 3/18/90mm
Max.loading of table 500 kg 650kg 800kg 950kg
Positioning accuracy 0.02mm 0.02mm 0.02mm 0.02mm
Repeatablity  0.015mm 0.015mm 0.015mm 0.015mm
Spindle taper ISO 7:24 No.50 ISO 7:24 No.50
Spindle travel 85mm 85mm 85mm 85mm
Spindle axis to table surface
45~415mm 45~415mm 30~570mm 30~570mm
Spindle speed 30-1500 rpm 18 steps 30-1500 rpm 18 steps
Cutting feed rate  X:6~3500 mm/min X:6~3500 mm/min
Y:6~3500mm/min Y:6~3500mm/min
Z:6~1200mm/min Z:6~1800mm/min
Power 17kw 20kw
Main motor power 7.5kw 11kw
speed 1440r/min 1440r/min
Overall dimension(LxWxH) 2273x1825x1850 mm 2600x2190x2400mm
Weight 2850kg 2900kg 3850kg 3900kg


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