The skyrocketing industrial mother machine, bronze or king?

Release Time: 2022-07-25

No one expected that industrial machine tools would steal the limelight in the A-share market where "lithium travels all over the world". On August 23, the concept of industrial mother machine set a rising tide, and the sector index soared by 14%!

Policy is the main catalyst. "China Securities Journal" reported on August 19 that the recently enlarged meeting of the SASAC Party Committee decided to "strengthen key core technologies for industrial mother machines, high-end chips, new materials, and new energy vehicles." This is a response to the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee on July 30, which emphasized the need to "solve the problem of 'stuck neck' and develop specialized, specialized, and new small and medium-sized enterprises."

Putting the industrial mother machine in front of high-end chips and new materials is evident. Before that, many investors probably didn't know what an industrial mother machine was.

The industrial mother machine, that is, the machine tool, is the basic equipment for the production of all industrial products. If you are accustomed to the surging manufacturing stocks represented by new energy vehicles and photovoltaics, you will understand that it is not normal for machine tools to remain unknown. You must know that in 2018, the localization rate of low-end and mid-range CNC machine tools in my country has reached about 82% and 65% respectively (data from the Prospective Industry Research Institute).