A successful visit to Taiwan

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A successful visit to Taiwan

In May 10, 2015, Jiangsu Lingyun Machine Tool Co., Ltd., with Gu Yun, head of the general manager of the company, completed a successful investigation of the Taiwan main new Germany Polytron Technologies Inc.
Taiwan main new Germany was established in 1954, and was renamed as "main new Germany Polytron Technologies Inc" in 2003. "Based on Taiwan, marketing global", the main new German company from the business concept to product research and development, from the market to quality service, without exception, among the leading ranks of the industry, in Europe, the United States, and the accumulative strength of the accumulative force.
In line with the concept of "development, cooperation and exploration", this study will speed up the innovation of high-end technology introduction and management by Lingyun company, and focus on learning the management concept and successful experience of Taiwan's main new German. During the stage, Gu general received a warm reception from the main new Germany. He visited the main new German factory, the main new German factory and the related suppliers. Then the two sides negotiated a series of commercial cooperation intentions. The two sides reached a preliminary consensus on the cooperation of CNC precision plane grinder. Subject to training and learning.
Under the influence of the economic environment, the downstream industry is depressed, the high level of the company can meet the difficulties, seize the opportunity, and actively expand the new ideas. Under the injection of the new new strength of Taiwan, Jiangsu Lingyun Machine Tool Co., Ltd. will usher in a wider space for development.