What are the characteristics of numerical control machine tools?

Release Time: 2018-05-16

1) high machining accuracy: 3 v- e+ ^ NC machine tool is a complex of precision machinery and automation technology. The numerical control device of the machine tool can make the error caused by the displacement, thermal deformation and so on in the motion of the machine tool, and obtain the high and stable machining precision by the measurement system. Because CNC machine tool realizes automatic processing, it reduces human error caused by operator quality and improves the consistency of the same batch parts.
2) higher production: in terms of production efficiency, the efficiency of NC machine tools can generally be increased by 2~3 times or even more than ten times compared with ordinary machine tools. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects: in the following aspects:
A. one time clamping completes multi process processing, eliminates the common machine tool processing multiple transformation work, the process procedure and so on process. 4 {7 Q5 y* - L7 @  procedure and so on process. 4 {7 Q5 y* - L7 @
B. simplifies fixture and special tooling and so on. Therefore, the ordinary machine tool multi process fixture is omitted, even occasionally need to use special fixture. Because of the super function of NC machine, the structure of jig can also be simplified.
C.) lighten the intensity of labor. The operation of numerical control machine is transformed from physical type to intelligence type.
D.) to improve the working conditions, such as the full closed cover of the company's products, the machine will not spatter with water, oil and iron. It can effectively keep the working environment clean.
E.) is beneficial to production management: 3 \5 R+ R'; y
A. program control processing, change the variety convenient;
B. one machine multi process processing, reduce production process management, reduce management personnel;
C. can achieve unmanned production.