Warranty service

Release Time: 2018-05-16

For the management of this project: we will be stationed in the maintenance group before the commissioning of the project and set up maintenance points, the near establishment of maintenance center to support the project; project maintenance stage, monthly inspection.
When receiving the call, the following maintenance service requirements are maintained: are maintained:
1) when the maintenance personnel are on site maintenance, they should have obvious signs to wear their work permits so that they can be identified.
2), the establishment of maintenance quality files, every occurrence of failure and maintenance items should be concise records, easy to summary the operation of the system and the system is prone to failure, and in view of the breakdown of sanitary ware, take necessary measures to prevent.measures to prevent.
3) carry out regular or irregular inspections and return visits, and seek advice from managers and users, and find out problems in a timely manner.
4) receive records from staff or users after reporting failure calls. The general fault will be dispatched by the maintenance personnel to the site for treatment within 24 hours and repair within 24 hours.
5) the maintenance personnel voluntarily feedback to the property management personnel according to the maintenance condition, and sign and confirm.