Human Resources Manager

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Human Resources Manager

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Education: Bachelor degree or above in human resource, management or related field. It has been trained in modern human resource management technology, labor laws, financial accounting knowledge and management ability development.
Experience: more than 5 years working experience in human resource management.
Skills: a systematic understanding of the human resource management model in modern enterprises and the accumulation of practical experience, and rich in human resources strategic planning, talent discovery and introduction, salary design, performance assessment, post training, welfare treatment, company system construction, organization and personnel adjustment, and career design of staff and workers. Experience in practice, skillful handling of human resource management, familiar with personnel work process, familiar with the state, area and enterprise on contract management, salary system, employment mechanism, insurance welfare treatment and training policy; skilled use of office software and related personnel management software;software;
Attitude: sensitive to human and organizational changes, strong communication, coordination and promotion ability; high dedication and high work passion, can accept high intensity work, positive attitude to work; be good at people with all kinds of character, and be fair to people.to people.
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