Quality of safety and safety

Release Time: 2018-05-09

Recently, the company held a production Conference on the first floor conference room. The meeting was chaired by Gu Zong. All the workshop directors and team leaders were present. The conference mainly discussed two aspects: workshop production safety and production quality assurance.
Gu pointed out that safety has always been the focus of the company's daily production activities. With the publicity and education on weekdays, employees' awareness of prevention is gradually improving. Only when safety is put in place can we have the ability and confidence to achieve the established production goals. While paying attention to security, we should also pay attention to ensuring the quality of production. The quality of the product determines the vitality of the company. Only a good product can make the company stand out in the fierce market competition. In the next few years, these two points are still the focus of the company's work. Colleagues still need to strengthen publicity and education so as to make the company go to a higher level.