It's safe for you.

Release Time: 2018-05-09

For the happiness of you and your family, please ensure that your work is carried out in a safe and civilized environment.
As a company, we will strengthen the supervision and management of safety production, prevent and reduce production safety accidents, ensure the safety of every worker's life and property, and adhere to the policy of safety first and prevention.
The manager of the company must carry out regular inspection on the condition of safety production, inspect the tools used by each person, and deal with the hidden danger of safety found in the inspection. It should be dealt with immediately; the person in charge of the unit can not be dealt with in time, and the effective measures should be taken in time. At the same time, every employee must always keep in mind safety production, prevention and failure.
Ensure that the production site is clean and orderly, the road is unimpeded, the tools that you need can be processed faster, and each one can have a clean and tidy working environment and make yourself more comfortable.