Tenet of after-sales service

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After-sale service
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Tenet of after-sales service

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The purpose of our service is to "make the customer satisfied".
We will continue to provide customers with help and related technical services consultation. We strive to satisfy our customers.
In the process of construction, our company will send technical personnel to carry out full technical support, solve the problem of cooperation with other types of work in construction, and provide technical guidance for the installation and application of products.
After the completion of the project, our company will be responsible for testing and commissioning, and ensure that the project achieves excellent standards.
During completion and acceptance, the project completion drawings and relevant technical archives will be provided.
For the products used in the project, we promise to provide the product warranty period according to the warranty period provided by the manufacturer.
The project will provide five years of free warranty, life-long maintenance, and perform other after-sales service tasks stipulated in the contract.
Division of after-sales service stage
After-sales service within the warranty period: according to the after-sales service period stipulated in the contract.
After-sale service beyond warranty period: after-sale service phase.
There are two cases in this stage: two cases of re signing the after sale service contract between our client and our company and the non service contract signing the warranty period.
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